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Leopard Gecko Shopping List

We hope you love the items on this list - just so you know we may collect a share of sales if you buy via the links provided.

It can be daunting when you're looking for the perfect setup for your leopard gecko. Often there are different vivarium sizes, and differing opinions on UVB and heating, and some morphs even have different requirements than others adding an extra layer of complication. Our team at Leopard Geckos London has created the below list to serve as a straightforward way for owners to see exactly what they need.

For ease of use, Amazon links are highlighted in teal, Internet Reptile links are highlighted in orange.

Starter Kits






Arcadia Earth Mix Arid (Amazon / Internet Reptile)



Deep Heat Projector (Amazon / Internet Reptile)

Measured with a digital thermometer (Amazon / Internet Reptile) and controlled by a dimming thermostat (Amazon / Internet Reptile)

You will need a Ceramic Light Fixture (Amazon / Internet Reptile) to install your bulb of choice.


Arcadia Shadedweller Kit (7%) (Amazon / Internet Reptile)

The lumenize Shadedweller kit is also an option (Internet Reptile)

If you use the recommended thermostat, you can plug the UVB into it and use it as a timer. For more info, see here.

If you use a cheaper alternative, like the Habistat Dimming Thermostat (Amazon ), you can use Kasa Smart outlets (Amazon) as timers.


These are the supplements to use if you use UVB. If you do not use UVB, this section does not apply, as you will need a different schedule.

Arcadia Earth Pro A (Amazon / Internet Reptile)


Calcium Pro Mg (Amazon / Internet Reptile)

If you do NOT use UVB, use the following every other feeding.

Hides + Decor


Regular Hide 1 (Amazon / Internet Reptil)

Regular Hide 2 (Amazon / Internet Reptile)

Regular Hide 3 (Amazon / Internet Reptile)

Water Bowl (Internet Reptile)

Cork Bark (Internet Reptile

Sterile (cheap and cheerful!)




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