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Step by Step Guide to Leopard Gecko Lighting and Heating

It can be difficult to get your head around all of the lighting you need for your leopard gecko to thrive, so we've created this simple step by step guide. Please read the full guide before you begin, as there are some tips at the end which will save you time and frustration! This guide assumes you know the basics of Leopard Gecko Care and is designed around a vivarium that is 90 x 45 x 45cm - 120 x 60 x 60cm*.

You can find our Leopard Gecko Care Guide here, and our Leopard Gecko Shopping List here!

You will need

  1. Habistat dimming thermostat, with a built in timer (Amazon / Internet Reptile)

  2. Arcadia Shadedweller Pro T5 Kit (Amazon/ Internet Reptile)

  3. Arcadia Jungle Dawn LED** (Amazon/ Internet Reptile)

  4. Komodo Ceramic Light Fixture (Amazon/ Internet Reptile)

  5. Arcadia 75W Halogen (Amazon / Internet Reptile) OR Arcadia Deep Heat Projecter (Amazon / Internet Reptile)

  6. Slate for basking

Additional materials

  • A drill

Step 1

Install your Arcadia Jungle Dawn LED in the center of the roof of the vivarium. Plug your thermostat into a nearby outlet.

Step 2

Install your Arcadia Shadedweller UVB on one side of the vivarium. It should cover about 30 - 50% of the length.

Step 3

Your bulbs should have come with two cables - one which will connect them to one another, and one that ends in a normal plug. Connect the two fixtures and then plug one of them into the thermostat. Test that the thermostat will switch them on before proceeding (or even better, test this before you install them into the vivarium to save yourself time should adjustments need to be made).

Step 4

Install the komodo lighting fixture on the same side of the vivarium as your UVB. Ensure the bulb will not be too near the UVB as the heat may affect the plastic over time (a few inches of distance will suffice!). Screw in your bulb and plug the fixture into the other plug in the thermostat. Test all is working before proceeding.

Step 5