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Reptile Couriers
How do they work?

This article is intended to provide information for customers who have bought geckos from us specifically, other breeders may have different policies and ways of working, so ensure you check with your breeder if in doubt.


This article only applies to our customers within Mainland England, Scotland and Wales. Outside of these regions different policies apply so get in touch for more information.

In the UK we can't ship geckos in the post or via normal couriers like our US counterparts, we have to go through DEFRA-licensed couriers who do monthly or weekly runs where every animal is delivered over the space of a week or so.


We ask customers to organise the courier themselves but are always happy to advise.

When booking your Reptile Courier, they will require the following information from both parties:

- Full name

- Mobile number

- Postal address

Please let us know which run and which courier you have selected before confirming the booking with the courier to ensure we can be in for collection. If your gecko is not fully paid for by the date the courier is supposed to collect, we will not allow them to take the animal.


A few days before the run begins you will receive a text from the courier with a date and time at which your gecko will be delivered. Unfortunately, the date and time and unnegotiable and cannot be altered. If you can not be in for the delivery, and cannot arrange for somebody else to be in please contact your courier ASAP.

We will pack your gecko up in a little tub with air holes, and will take a video of them documenting their condition before they leave us, and a photograph of the gecko in their tub. We recommend customers take a video of the gecko upon arrival, just in case.


Ensure your setup is up and running for at least a week before your gecko's arrival, allowing you to see that everything is working and that the enclosure will be warm and ready for your little one.


On the day of arrival keep an eye on your phone in case the courier texts to say they are running early or late.


When your gecko arrives, pop them straight into their new home and don't handle them for at least 2 weeks, or until they are eating, pooping, and exploring regularly (whichever is longer!).

Shipping reptiles in the UK is very low risk, and as of writing this we have had 0 injuries, tail drops or illnesses in any of the 100s of geckos we have sent or received since 2019. Saying this, please ensure you are familiar with our Terms & Conditions before placing a deposit on one of our geckos.


Keep us updated on how your gecko settles in and feel free to contact us with questions, photos and videos of your little one as they grow!

A side profile of a tremper albino leopard gecko
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