What Leopard Geckos London Provides

LGL will provide healthy, well-started animals who are true to their photos within reason.

We will provide all of the information we have on any animals sold, including bloodlines, hatchling photos, photos of adult parents, and weight charts.

We are happy to answer any and all questions regarding our animals.

What Leopard Geckos London Expects

LGL expects Leopard Geckos to be housed in safe, appropriate setups.

We expect Leopard Geckos to be housed alone, as they are solitary animals and we have had issues with cohabited animals in the past.

We expect that if owners choose to breed their animals, they adhere to industry standards (not crossing albino strains, not breeding animals with clear defects, or unknown genetics), and always keep the animal's welfare at the front of their minds.


We require a non-refundable deposit of 25% which will hold an animal for 14 days.

After this, if full payment is not complete, and if other arrangements have not been made, an animal will be displayed as available.

Age Restriction

Leopard Geckos London requires all transactions to be completed by persons over the age of 18. We accept parents/guardians buying on behalf of reptile enthusiasts under this age.

We may require a photo of a valid ID, which is not stored on our systems and is deleted as soon as identification is confirmed.

Proof of Appropriate Setup

LGL always aims to put animal welfare over sales, so proof of a safe and appropriate setup may be required before a deposit is accepted.

For more information on what LGL considers good husbandry, see here.


In the heartbreaking and rare event that your animal is Dead on Arrival, LGL will issue a full refund as long as reasonable evidence is presented.

If your animal arrives sick and is confirmed as such by an exotic vet, a full refund will be issued.

If you find you cannot look after your animal for whatever reason, LGL will accept them as a return, but no refund will be issued. The owner will also be responsible for shipping or delivering the animal to us.


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