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A huge part of ethical breeding is breeding animals with a goal in mind, usually as a part of a wider project. Breeding with a purpose ensures that all geckos produced are improving the quality of the captive bred population while also meeting and exceeding market needs.

At Leopard Geckos London we have a few projects currently running, all of which we are extremely passionate about. We are always happy to discuss our projects over Instagram, TikTok or email for those wanting more information.

A lavender stripe leopard gecko


Bold Stripes and Bold Stripe Trempers

We have a few ways we can take this projects and we're still deciding! In 2021 we acquired Spitfire (Bold Stripe Tremper Pos Het Eclipse), and in 2022 we collaborated with the wonderful folks at Dinomite Reptiles to produce a variety of Bold Stripe Trempers and Bold Stripe Ghost Trempers.

We are still considering whether we should add Mack Snow, Ghost, Vermillion or even all three to this project. 


Melanistic Leopard Geckos

We have a 1.2 group (1 male 2 females) of black nights who we will be pairing in 2023. They will be used to create dark animals for use in other projects.

A black night leopard gecko
A Glow Madness Vermillon Leopard Gecko


Glow Madness Trempers utilising the uncommon Vermillon gene

This fantastic dominant gene Vermillon originally discovered by JB Reptiles combined with the Glow Madness line have been at the heart of Leopard Geckos London since the beginning, with our first-ever breeding animal purchased being a Glow Madness Pos Vermillon. Although our first male, Glowworm, proved not to be Vermillon, his offspring by another Glow Madness Tremper Vermillon certainly are.


The Giants of the Eublepharis Genus

When we saw Ruishine, a juvenile Eublepharis angramainyu ilam male for sale in 2020 we just had to have him. It's been a dream to work with this species and we are so excited to increase the CB population of them in the UK.

First offspring for these should be here in 2024.

A Eublepharis angramainyu leopard gecko

Interested in taking home one of our geckos?

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