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The Ultimate Leopard Gecko Starter Kit: Providing the Best Care for Your Gecko

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Getting started with a new pet can be an exciting but sometimes overwhelming experience. When it comes to leopard geckos, finding the right starter kit that meets their specific needs can be a challenge. Many kits on the market contain items that are not suitable for leopard geckos, such as heat mats or calcium sand. However, at Leopard Geckos London Ltd, we understand the importance of providing the best care to our animals and offering valuable advice to gecko owners. That's why we are thrilled to introduce the research-backed naturalistic Leopard Gecko Starter Kit from Scaped Nature, designed to meet all the essential requirements of your beloved gecko.

A Kit Tailored for Leopard Geckos

The Scaped Nature Leopard Gecko Starter Kit is carefully curated to provide a natural and comfortable environment for your leopard gecko. It includes all the essential components needed to create a thriving habitat that mimics their natural habitat. This kit is the result of extensive research and has been specifically designed to cater to the unique needs of leopard geckos.

Components of the Kit

  1. Three Foot Vivarium: The vivarium included in the kit is spacious enough to accommodate your gecko comfortably. It allows for proper heat distribution and adequate ventilation, creating an ideal environment for your gecko to thrive.

  2. Loose Substrate: Unlike calcium sand or other inappropriate substrates commonly found in starter kits, the Scaped Nature Leopard Gecko Starter Kit includes a suitable loose substrate that promotes natural digging behaviors while reducing the risk of impaction.

  3. Ample Hides: Hides are essential for leopard geckos as they provide a sense of security and privacy. This kit includes multiple hides, ensuring that your gecko has plenty of options to retreat and feel safe throughout the day.

  4. Dimming Thermostat: Temperature regulation is crucial for the well-being of leopard geckos. The dimming thermostat included in the kit allows you to maintain a stable and appropriate temperature gradient within the vivarium.

  5. Digital Thermometer and Hydrometer: Accurately monitoring the temperature and humidity levels is essential to ensure your leopard gecko's health. The kit includes a digital thermometer and hydrometer to help you maintain optimal conditions for your gecko.

  6. 7% UVB Lighting: Providing the right amount of UVB light is vital for leopard geckos' overall health and calcium metabolism. The Scaped Nature Leopard Gecko Starter Kit includes a scientifically recommended 7% UVB lighting solution to support your gecko's well-being.

Additionally, we understand that gecko owners have varying needs and preferences when it comes to setting up their leopard gecko's habitat. That's why the Scaped Nature Leopard Gecko Starter Kit offers different options to cater to your specific requirements.

For those starting from scratch, the "Everything You Need" option (aka the Sapphire and Ruby) includes all the essential components necessary to create a complete and naturalistic habitat for your gecko.

If you already have hides and substrate but need the rest of the essentials, the "Core Components" option (aka the Amethyst and Emerald) provides you with the vital items such as the dimming thermostat, digital thermometer and hydrometer, and UVB lighting.

Lastly, for those who already have an enclosure but need to furnish it, the "Just the Insides" option offers the opportunity to purchase the necessary components to enhance your gecko's habitat. With these versatile options, Scaped Nature ensures that every gecko owner can find the right fit for their individual needs, making it convenient and accessible to create the perfect environment for your leopard gecko.

All of these versions also come with a choice of having a Halogen bulb, or a Deep Heat Projector, so those with light sensitive geckos need not worry.

At Leopard Geckos London Ltd, we understand the importance of sourcing products from reputable brands that prioritize animal welfare and scientific research. The Scaped Nature Leopard Gecko Starter Kit comprises items from the most trusted and well-established brands in the industry, ensuring that you are providing the best care possible for your gecko.

Finding a leopard gecko starter kit that meets all the necessary requirements can be a daunting task. However, with the Scaped Nature Leopard Gecko Starter Kit, you can rest assured that you are providing your gecko with a naturalistic and scientifically supported environment. By investing in this kit, you are setting your gecko up for a healthy and fulfilling life.



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