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Leopard Gecko Care Guide


Here at Leopard Geckos London, we breed a variety of genes and lines to create unique and colourful geckos with wonderful temperaments.

We take a science-based approach to husbandry, working towards providing more naturalistic and enriching enclosures for our adult geckos while maintaining good biosecurity practices.

Unlike many breeders, we are fully licensed to breed and sell which means that we legally have to follow high animal welfare standards. This puts welfare, enrichment and health at the heart of everything we do, and is something we are very proud of.


What makes a Leopard Gecko breeder ethical?

Leopard Geckos London's cofounder, Caitlin, was interviewed on what ethical Leopard Gecko Breeding entails by Rebecca from Leopard Gecko Talk on YouTube. Speaking on subjects such as avoiding scammers, which morphs are unethical and what the future of ethical breeding entails, Caitlin shares her experiences working with this incredible species and the lovely people who buy them!




Amazing customer service, sent me regular updates with pictures and videos of my gecko up until delivery day, and always there to answer any questions and give me advice when I needed it. Delivery was excellent, delivered on time and communication was great. Would 100% recommend, my Leo arrived today and he is incredible, and the tub he came in had all his information on including morph and hatch date, which I haven’t had with any other gecko I’ve had from elsewhere. I will definitely return when I’m ready for another gecko! Thank you so much LGL