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Eclipse ph Murphys Patternless

Hatch Date

23 August 2022




Sweet and Sparky

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Introducing Starling, the enchanting Eclipse morph gecko with a captivating tail that stole my heart from the moment I laid eyes on her. Her distinctive stripe running down her tail adds to her allure, drawing attention and admiration.

As an Eclipse morph, Starling possesses a unique beauty, with lovely speckles adorning her coat and striking black eyes that mesmerize all who behold her. Her small size only adds to her charm, while her sweet and endearing nature makes her an absolute delight to care for.

Starling's favorite pastime is perching high in her enclosure, basking under her UVB light, soaking in the warmth and light of the day. It's here that she truly shines, her radiance illuminating the space around her and capturing the essence of her vibrant personality.


In an effort to be transparent, we share photos of where our geckos actually live. We don't believe geckos should spend any time outside of quarantine on barren paper towels and minimal space. All our healthy adult geckos are provided with loose substrate, cycled enrichment, and a varied diet.

Starling's Enclosure

Size: 40 x 62.5 x 41.5 cm Enclosure

Substrate: Arcadia Earth Mix Arid

Starling resides in one of our breeding vivariums, which are used for longer term, but not permanent residents. She enjoys UVB and a basking bulb, and loves to climb. I often see her poking her little head out of her cork round.

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Meet the Family

A photo of the geckos Sire, or father


Black Night het Eclipse

Owned By

Cambridge Geckos

A photo of the geckos Dam, or mother


Eclipse ph Murphy's Patternless

Owned By

Cambridge Geckos


Some information may be missing, as we either did not get the information upon purchasing the animal, or they have not yet produced offspring.

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