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Bold Stripe Tremper 50% het Eclipse

Hatch Date

5 May 2021




Food Driven and Bold



Meet Spitfire, the striking bold stripe Tremper morph who has left a lasting impression on us from the moment we met him.

Imported from Wabisaur Geckos in Portugal in 2021, Spitfire quickly established himself as a prominent figure in our gecko breeding endeavors.

With a bold pattern and a lovely jungle tail adorned with intricate swirls, Spitfire's appearance is as captivating as his personality. Despite his sizable stature, he exudes confidence and fearlessness, making him a standout presence in any setting.

As the sire to all of our bold stripe babies at LGL, Spitfire's genetic influence is undeniable, shaping the future of our breeding program with each new generation.

With his remarkable traits and influential role, Spitfire is not just a gecko but a cornerstone of our breeding efforts, embodying the spirit of excellence and resilience that defines our work at LGL.


In an effort to be transparent, we share photos of where our geckos actually live. We don't believe geckos should spend any time outside of quarantine on barren paper towels and minimal space. All our healthy adult geckos are provided with loose substrate, cycled enrichment, and a varied diet.

Spitfire's Enclosure

Size: 50L Really Useful Box (71cm x 44cm x 23cm)

Substrate: 70% Organic Top Soil, 30% Playsand

Spitfire was quite shy when I first bought him home, and so I got into the habit of giving him ridiculous amounts of corkbark. Now he is no longer shy, I feel mean giving him less so he just has a very full tub. He doesn't seem to mind.

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Meet the Family

A photo of the geckos Sire, or father


Bold Stripe Tremper

Owned By

Wabisaur Geckos

A photo of the geckos Dam, or mother


Bold Stripe het Tremper

Owned By

Wabisaur Geckos


Some information may be missing, as we either did not get the information upon purchasing the animal, or they have not yet produced offspring.

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