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Black Night

Hatch Date

24 June 2022




Feisty and Bold



Introducing Juno, a bold and feisty Black Night Leopard Gecko hatched in June of 2022, courtesy of Eco Geckos. With her sleek black coloring, Juno is a striking presence in any room.

Despite her petite size, Juno possesses a fiery spirit, unafraid to assert herself in her surroundings. She has a particular affinity for the cork round in her enclosure, where she feels most at home.

Juno's prey drive is nothing short of impressive; she eagerly hunts the spray bottle as you fill her water bowl or mist her humid hide, displaying her determination and tenacity.

Fearless and bold, Juno isn't intimidated by anything, facing each new experience with unwavering confidence. Her adventurous nature makes her an engaging companion, always ready for the next exploration.

Excitingly, Juno is slated to be paired with Reggie, our pure Black Night male, in late 2024 or 2025, promising a lineage of exceptional geckos to come. With her spirited personality and striking appearance, Juno is sure to leave a lasting impression on all who meet her.


In an effort to be transparent, we share photos of where our geckos actually live. We don't believe geckos should spend any time outside of quarantine on barren paper towels and minimal space. All our healthy adult geckos are provided with loose substrate, cycled enrichment, and a varied diet.

Juno's Enclosure

Size: 50L Really Useful Box (71cm x 44cm x 23cm)

Substrate: Arcadia Earth Mix Arid

Juno loves the cork round in the center of her enclosure, and always seems to be in there when it's time to weight her. This means I have to bribe her out with a mealworm. I am starting to think she has learned to do this on purpose...

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Meet the Family

A photo of the geckos Sire, or father


Black Night

Owned By

Eco Geckos

A photo of the geckos Dam, or mother


Black Night

Owned By

Eco Geckos


Some information may be missing, as we either did not get the information upon purchasing the animal, or they have not yet produced offspring.

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