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Vermillon Glow Madness Tremper 50% het Eclipse

Hatch Date

23 April 2022




Gentle and Calm



Introducing Fireworm, a gecko born from my own breeding efforts and carrying a legacy as the son of Glowworm, my all-time favorite gecko.

As a Glow Madness Vermillon, Fireworm embodies my favorite morph, showcasing the stunning characteristics that captivate my heart. His resemblance to his sire, Glowworm, is striking, with every detail mirroring the beauty and charm of his beloved parent.

Despite his impressive lineage, Fireworm's most remarkable trait lies in his gentle and sweet disposition. He exudes docility and warmth, making him a joy to interact with. His gentle nature is a testament to his upbringing and the nurturing environment he's been raised in.

Adding to his allure is his stunning coloring, boasting a beautiful jungle pattern that catches the eye and captivates the imagination. Each intricate detail adds to his charm, making Fireworm a truly exceptional gecko in every sense.


In an effort to be transparent, we share photos of where our geckos actually live. We don't believe geckos should spend any time outside of quarantine on barren paper towels and minimal space. All our healthy adult geckos are provided with loose substrate, cycled enrichment, and a varied diet.

Fireworm's Enclosure

Size: 50L Really Useful Box (71cm x 44cm x 23cm)

Substrate: Arcadia Earth Mix Arid

Fireworm LOVES his humid hide more than any other gecko I have owned. He will poke his head out for food, take what I offer politely, and then immedietly go back to his humid hide.

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Meet the Family

A photo of the geckos Sire, or father


Glow Madness Tremper 50% het Eclipse

Owned By

Leopard Geckos London

A photo of the geckos Dam, or mother


Vermillon Glow Madness Tremper 50% het Eclipse

Owned By

Leopard Geckos London


Some information may be missing, as we either did not get the information upon purchasing the animal, or they have not yet produced offspring.

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