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Bold Stripe Zorro het Tremper

Hatch Date

16 September 2021




Sparky and Little



Meet Arson, the small but mighty gecko with a voracious appetite that's impressed from day one.

Sporting a bold stripe pattern, Arson boasts an impressive lineage, with Zorro and Tornado lineage lending  her a subtle orange hue, a trait she's passed down admirably to her 2023 offspring.

Despite her petite stature, Arson exudes confidence and resilience, embodying the spirit of her namesake. Her striking appearance and vibrant coloring make her incredibly photogenic, capturing attention with every pose.

With her impressive lineage, hearty appetite, and undeniable charm, Arson is a standout member of your gecko family, leaving a lasting impression wherever she goes.


In an effort to be transparent, we share photos of where our geckos actually live. We don't believe geckos should spend any time outside of quarantine on barren paper towels and minimal space. All our healthy adult geckos are provided with loose substrate, cycled enrichment, and a varied diet.

Arson's Enclosure

Size: 50L Really Useful Box (71cm x 44cm x 23cm)

Substrate: Arcadia Earth Mix Arid

Is there even a gecko in there? Arson appears to have been given all the largest bits of corkbark, and loves to climb them, and squish herself between them. She uses her small stature to her advantage, particuarly when I am trying to find her to weigh her.

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Meet the Family

A photo of the geckos Sire, or father


Bold Stripe het Tremper

Owned By

CF Geckos

A photo of the geckos Dam, or mother


Bold Stripe

Owned By

CF Geckos


Some information may be missing, as we either did not get the information upon purchasing the animal, or they have not yet produced offspring.

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