5 Things You and Your Leopard Gecko Will LOVE!

We hope you love the items on this list - just so you know we may collect a share of sales if you buy via the links provided. Prices are accurate as of the time of writing but may fluctuate!

Owning a lot (91 at the time of writing!) of Leopard Geckos, you end up buying some products over and over again. We thought we would compile a list to help out newbie Leopard Gecko owners see how they can best spoil their geckos!

1. Vetericyn Wound and Skincare - Liquid Spray - 89ml

Perfect for small cuts or abrasions (and definitely not a substitute for an exotic vet!), this spray is the perfect addition to your reptile first aid kit. We use it for any minor scrapes geckos get during shedding.

Cork bark

2. Five Kilograms of Cork Bark

Leopard Geckos love a crowded enclosure! Cork bark is perfect for filling up an otherwise sparse enclosure, making it look naturalistic and offering lots and lots of climbing and hiding places for your gecko. The best way to buy cork online that we have found is via Swell Reptiles bulk bags. Five Kilograms seems like a lot, but it goes really fast and looks amazing.

3. A High Quality Temperature Gun

Digital thermometers are great for ambient temperatures, but aren't always super reliable for quickly checking hotspot temperatures. If you want something to quickly check your temperature gradient that is both reliable and easy, look no further! This is the piece of kit that I use more than anything - logging the temperatures of every single enclosure 3x a week (as required by our Pet Shop Licence!) would take hours without our nifty little temperature gun.

4. WYZE V3 Pet Camera

This nifty little camera can be installed inside your vivarium so you can watch your gecko while you're away from home. Perfect to catch funny moments you would otherwise miss, or to watch a shyer gecko hunt!

Picture Credit: Exo Terra

5. The ULTIMATE humid hide - Exo Terra Gecko Cave

This is the one hide every single one of our geckos has! It holds humidity well and isn't so big that geckos feel unsafe using it. Throw some moss or damp eco earth in and it's the ultimate humid hide.